Our Story

Renaldo and Winston

As a consultant in the pet food space, I saw the inferior ingredients and substandard processes used to make mass-market pet food. I went to work to find a healthy solution for my dog Winston and Pet Plate was born.

A Word From Our Vet


- Dr. Renee Streeter, DVM, DACVN, Veterinary Nutritionist

“The meals I’ve formulated for Pet Plate are nutritionally balanced and highly palatable to dogs. Most dogs respond really well to a fresh diet comprised of high quality ingredients and vitamins & minerals. We hope your dog enjoys Pet Plate and experiences the benefits of a truly healthy diet.

Questions about our meals or ingredients? Contact us at [email protected].”

Tips for Healthy Living

1 Watch out for mystery ingredients
Make sure you feel comfortable with the ingredients in your dog's food.
2 Don't overfeed your pet
Avoid grazing and overindulging your dog with too many snacks.
3 Eat well and stay active

Feed your dog nutrient-dense foods that provide lots of energy.