Situation: you’re walking in the dog food aisle and you’re confronted with choices like this:

There are so many options, but there are also some scary details you need to know before you buy. Let’s get started.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. It’s enough to make a person grab the nearest familiar brand and run away. But here’s the thing: a lot of dog food companies put icky, dangerous stuff in their food. So not all options are created equal. To save you some time -- and because we want your pup to be happy and healthy -- here are the top 3 things we think you need to know about kibble.

1. Kibble often includes rendered meats, which could include carcasses, blood, and grease!

Kibble often contains dead, dying, disabled, and diseased animals that are tainted with a host of contaminants. And, according to Dogs Naturally Magazine, sometimes companies will spray the food with rendered meats to help ensure the dogs will eat it!

Shameless plug: Look for dog food that contains human-grade ingredients with nothing artificial (like PetPlate :)

2. Many kibble brands use mostly wheat and processed grains instead of protein.

Fillers are just that - fillers. Wheat, corn, processed grains - all of it is just empty calories (worst yet, fillers are sometimes mill floor sweepings and corn containing pesticides). No wonder your dog is so hungry all the time!

Feed your pup protein-rich ingredients like beef and turkey. Trust us, it’s the right move.

3. Kibble is filled with artificial preservatives and is highly processed, destroying any nutrients it started out with!

According to, companies can get away with using dangerous preservatives in dog food. Ethoxyquin, for example, which can still legally be added to pet foods, is harmful if it is swallowed or directly contacts skin. Ethoxyquin often enters through ‘fish meal’ and may not even appear on a pet food label. What a bummer!

Worse yet, due to the “cook” process used to make kibble - including nuking the ingredients at high temperatures - the food’s taste and nutrients are completely destroyed. That leads to sadder dogs, like this one:

Luckily, there’s hope in the dog food industry.

Consumers like you are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of traditional pet food (a.k.a. kibble) and companies like PetPlate are listening and responding with fresh pet food, so there is hope!

Speaking of hope...if you’re interested in trying us out, you can get an additional 15% off your first box with code GET15. Get started here. ;)