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Blueberries are an amazing antioxidant for your dog, and a tasty treat they'll love.

Our dogs mean the world to us. We go through great lengths to keep them healthy and happy, and now due to recent studies its even easier to have a huge impact on your dog’s health. A study conducted in the Netherlands concluded that adding fresh fruits & vegetables to your dog’s bowl (just a few times a week) can decrease their risk of cancer by 65%.

Just like us – they are what they eat, and we’ve compiled 5 fresh human foods you can add to your dog’s bowl to help them live a longer and healthier life!

#1 Apples

Apples now slow and can sometimes shrink cancer by taking advantage of angiogenesis – blood vessel growth. They contain antiangiogenic nutrients that slow the growth of new blood vessels and can show a 60% response rate in dog tumor cells. Just remember to take out the seeds!

#2 Blueberries

As cancerous tumors grow, it produces free radicals. These free radicals produce ionizing radiation that damages our healthier cells. However, antioxidants in blueberries – ellagic acid in particular - can effectively neutralize free radicals.

#3 Cauliflower

Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6. Similar to blueberries, the antioxidants help stop the proliferation of free radicals. And better yet, cauliflower is great source of fiber for dog’s with sensitive stomachs.

#4 Pumpkin

Pumpkins contain antioxidants like zinc, manganese, and other great acids similar to blueberries and cauliflower. Pumpkin, also like cauliflower, is great source of fiber, and a tasty treat for your best friend.

#5 Broccoli

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage contain glucosinolates, the sulfur-containing chemicals that help to eliminate potential carcinogens from the body. They act in ways that prevent normal cells from being transformed into cancerous cells.


  • Michelle and zoe

    After years of trying to find a food that Zoe would happily eat for more than a few days, I've finally found the solution! It's been great for her sensitive stomach, and pre-portioned meals make it so easy.

    Michelle & Zoe
  • Taco

    Taco really likes this food. Its so nice not having to worry about him eating, and it seems to sit well on his stomach! Any other food he would eat gave him disgestive and gas issues :(. But I'm glad we found an option in PetPlate!

    Chris & Taco
  • Mia

    You guys have been a life saver. My fiancee and I have been wanting to cook for Mia for long, but couldn't keep a steady schedule with work. Regular deliveries make the service super convenient.

    Don & Mia