PetPlate celebrated the 2017 holiday season with a Buy One Give One promotion. For every new customer that placed an order from December 1st through the end of 2017, PetPlate pledged to donate a box of its freshly-cooked food to pups in need. Thanks to the generosity of our pet-loving customers, PetPlate is pleased to announce that we are donating a total of 1,600 pounds of nutritious dog food to three deserving rescue organizations that have worked tirelessly to shelter and foster vulnerable dogs.  We've included a spotlight below on each of these dedicated volunteers whom we admire and respect for all that they do to keep our pups safe.

In an effort to continue to fulfill our mission to help all pups live happy and healthy lives, we will continue to make donations to pups in need. If you have an organization that could benefit from PetPlate’s freshly-cooked meals, please email us at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!


Cathy’s Rottie Rescue Rehab, North Stonington, Connecticut

Cathy Leinert began her rescue by accident in 1999 when she was living in a small rural town where the Animal Control Officer (ACO) was afraid of rottweilers. Every time the ACO got a call about Rottweilers, she would call Cathy. The two women became very close friends and still are to this day! 

After seeing the need for knowledgeable people to help rotties, she officially started Cathy’s Rottie Rescue, Rehab, & Sanctuary in 2000. The organization specializes in helping pups with difficult medical and behavioral issues. 

Although it is called Cathy's Rottie Rescue, Cathy has helped Rottie crosses, which many other Rottie rescues will not take in because they are not purebreds. She has also taken in numerous other breeds, such as Akitas, Shepherds, Labs, a Soft-coated Wheaton terrier, and many black and tan mixes! She also takes in owner surrenders (dogs that need to be rehomed). 

For years, Cathy worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician, and remains on call to help answer veterinary questions, including those related to behavior and nutrition. She currently takes on all of the bills for her rescue and has made a lot of sacrifices to save the dogs she takes in. Cathy is a hero to the pup community and has rescued over 700 dogs! PetPlate is excited to partner with Cathy and help nourish her pups!


Southern Cross Animal Rescue, Laurel, Mississippi

Heather Chandler-Williams started SCAR out of a desperate need in the Laurel community. She grew up in California and when she moved to the South, she was surprised and dismayed by the lack of animal rights and protections. For example, in Jones County, there were absolutely no options for homeless animals. While certain cities within the county do have a city pound, they are few and far between and only help a very small number of cats and dogs. There are no leash laws, containment laws, or spay/neuter laws in the county, so the amount of unwanted litters is staggering. 

Heather wanted to be able to offer an option for animals that have no hope. The ones dumped on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. The ones chained out in the elements with no protection and little to no food. The ones used in dogfighting rings. The ones surviving behind dumpsters at gas stations. If SCAR encounters situations of intentional abuse or neglect, they involve law-enforcement and press charges. It's the only way to stop the cycle. They also take every opportunity to speak at schools and daycares about proper pet care. 

SCAR has literally been the voice for the voiceless in their community. They have helped the people of Southern Mississippi speak up for dogs in need and organized training for their sheriff’s department to educate them on animal protection laws.


Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue, Washington Township, NJ

Suzanne Fitch founded Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue with a mission to provide veterinary care, food, shelter and support to basset hounds in need of assistance in the mid-Atlantic states.  Every animal is treated with care and respect. Through MidABHR, basset hounds are placed into foster homes and permanent homes with consideration to personality, behavior, and special needs. MidABHR provides continuing support to adoptive families throughout the lifetime of the dogs.

MidABHR works with all local and state shelters to reduce euthanasia of basset hounds. Of the bassets they rescue and care for, approximately 60% come from these shelters. The other 40% of bassets are surrendered by their current owners directly into MidABHR care. By taking in bassets surrendered by their owners, MidABHR helps ease the burden on our local animal shelters by preventing those bassets from ever entering the animal shelter system.


MidABHR’s mission is to serve their local and statewide communities by providing:

  • Education to the public and prospective homes about the Basset Hound breed.
  • Shelter and care for homeless Basset Hounds.
  • Placement in suitable foster and permanent homes for all dogs taken into our care.
  • Financial and emotional support, as needed, to foster and adoptive homes using the dogs' best interest as a guide.
  • Assistance, as needed, to anyone owning a Basset Hound to help keep the dog in a positive environment.
  • Placement assistance to state and local animal shelters for Basset Hounds and mixed breeds.
  • Education about spaying and neutering in order to decrease pet overpopulation and random breeding.
  • Fundraising events in order to care for all dogs taken in.