Mental stimulation is key to avoiding doggo boredom. Keep ‘em challenged when they’re on their own to help prevent destructive behavior. So while you’re away at work making 💸 to spoil your fur-bae, keep ‘em occupied with these toys:

Kongs: Treat toys are an inexpensive fan fave and should be a staple in every pet pawrent’s home. Pro-Tip: Up the game ‘n freeze it with peanut butter and treats inside. It’ll extend playtime, limiting chaos time for your pupper.

Hide-A-Squirrel Plush Toy: A toy within a toy!? This squeaky lets your pupper “hunt” to find the hidden squirrels inside. Once your pup is tuckered out, it becomes the perfect pillow to snuggle up to for naptime. Just remember to check the toys often since these aren’t super durable and not recommended for super anxious chewers!

Treat Puzzles: Keep your doggo busy for hours with a challenging treat-reward puzzle! This is also a great tool for pawrents with picky pups since it makes feeding time fun!

Activity Mat: A must-have for all babies (furry and hooman)! These game-based mats are a smart choice for puppies with a ton of excess energy. You can continue buying  more games and activities once your doggo masters the first few!

Interactive Cameras: See what Fido is up to when you’re not home. This splurge-worthy camera equipped with two-way audio provides pawrents the chance to be with their pets even when they’re not! Some even come with built-in treat dispensers so you can reward ‘em for good behavior with real-time praise. Plus, just think of the hilarious video content (hey, instagram!). 

It’s important to supervise your doggo with these activities at first and check the toys often to make sure your doggo hasn’t destroyed them and they’re still safe.

Bark back with what’s worked for you in a comment below!