For all of her life, we fed our dog Cherry the best kibble on the market. We did our research, talked to our vet, and made sure Cherry was getting only the best. We thought we were doing the right thing. We tried cooking her food at home too, but with our busy schedules we could never do it consistently.

Cherry’s health on kibble wasn’t great. Even with it being the top of the line, she didn’t like to eat it. We could often feel her ribs beneath her coat, which was patchy in a lot of places. She also seemed lethargic. She wasn’t the happy puppy we brought home.

One day when I was picking up Cherry from Biscuits and Bath, where she stays during our busy workdays, Renaldo, the founder of PetPlate, was giving out free samples. He told me how kibble food is filled with preservatives and that homemade dog food was the healthiest food we could feed Cherry. He explained the benefits of each of the menu items at PetPlate and gave me a free sample for Cherry to try.

I was a little skeptical at first, but because of everything Renaldo told me about kibble foods I knew we had to at least try it, especially because he said Cherry wouldn’t experience any stomach issues. We’d switched kibble foods before and she always had issues.

That night, Cherry devoured her PetPlate with more vigor than any of us had ever seen before. We immediately visited PetPlate’s website and signed up for the Daily Meal Plan. We didn’t think switching to PetPlate would have a profound impact on Cherry’s health, but we saw how much she liked the food.

Three months later, after feeding Cherry PetPlate on a daily basis, we have seen a remarkable change in her health. She feels more robust, her once patchy coat is filling in, and her personality is more vibrant. Seeing this change in her, I feel badly about feeding her kibble for so long. She’s so much happier on PetPlate.