Dear ‘Adoption Day’ butterflies:

Congratulations on your new family addition!  Here are five tips to help ‘em ease your new pup’s transition.

Doggo-proof your home: Tape up loose electrical cords and make sure cleaning supplies or other toxic items are out of reach.

Head to the vet: Pack up your pup’s records from the shelter and head to the vet. Line up your first appointment within 24 - 48 hours.

Give us a safe space: Crate or section off a small area of the house. Hint: baby gates work great here! Kitchens work well, and make for easier accident clean-ups! 

Slowly transition our diet: Reduce unnecessary stress the first few days by keeping us on the same diet we were eating at the shelter. Once we’re comfy in our new home, consult with your vet to figure out the best meal for us!

Prioritize your wallet: Health and safety first! Set aside budget for vaccinations, boosters and a great quality diet (PetPlate, of course)!

Wishing you n’ your new pupper a smooth transition!