Dear Got Spooked,

I feel you. There’s tons dog foods to choose from - it’s overwhelming and scary! Don’t let the Halloween ghosts get you down, I’m here to help you figure out what’s more trick than treat.

Nix fast food: Big name kibble brands are basically your local drive-thru. It ain’t good for you; it ain’t good for us.

Doc usually knows best: Not all vets know everything about diet, just like docs for hoomans. #nutritionists. Only some doggos NEED prescription diets. 

Good meats, good eats: Would you eat 4-D meats? AKA from disabled, diseased, dying, or dead animals.  HECK NAH. Shell out that extra $$ for the good meats, your pup will thank you.

Kibble doesn’t clean: It isn’t toothpaste! Brush our teeth - good hygiene isn’t just for hoomans!

Well-balanced or bust: We need our fruits n’ veggies. How else will our fur shine?  

There ya go! One less spooky scary this ‘ween.