We’ve got a few senior office pups here at PetPlate. What can we say about ‘em? They’re the best. 

Doggos are like fine wine and get better with age, the proof is in the paw:

Super chillers: All pawrents know their fur-bae is forever.  Senior doggos can be calmer and extra cuddly.

Couch potato PIC: Seniors are the perfect netflix n’ chill partners. They love plopping down for a good binge-watching sesh. 

Yoda, I am: With way longer attention spans than pups, you can definitely teach an old(er) dog new tricks.

Did someone say siesta?!: No more sleepless nights,  seniors love their 💤’s.

Little things matter: They’re appreciative of your love - especially rescued or rehomed doggos.

We love watching our puppers grow and no matter how long they stay, it’s never enough. 

There are so many seniors out there looking for their second chance. 

Photos provided by @susiesseniordogs