Jamie is originally from Wisconsin and has a Lifestyle Company based in Westchester and Manhattan that provides concierge health and wellness serves to C-Level executive, professional athletes, and their families. Jamie is a sport psychologist, massage therapist, and performance coach/trainer, which means her dog Rudy comes to work with her and basically runs the show!

PetPlate: What breed is Rudy and how old is he?
Jamie: Rudy is a toy Yorkshire Terrier. He is two and a half years old

Petplate: What were you feeding Rudy before PetPlate?
Jamie: Rudy has always been on a clean and healthy meal plan since he was a puppy. He never ate kibble or canned food. He was being fed ZiwiPeak which is an all-natural air-dried dog food from New Zealand. He rotated through the chicken, beef, venison, and lamb. He never got table scraps either and his treats are Instinct Raw, which are freeze dried mixers. Overall he was eating pretty good quality before PetPlate.

PetPlate: Did you ever switch foods before?
Jamie: We never switched foods before, but he wasn't a great eater and would not eat kibble or canned food if it was given to him. He seemed to be pretty picky and wouldn't even eat common dog treats from the store. I had a hard time getting him to eat consistently.

PetPlate: What were your first thoughts when you heard about PetPlate?
Jamie: I was very excited about PetPlate for both the convenience part and that it was homemade and healthy. I had been wanting to make Rudy dog food but realistically just didn't have the time, so I thought PetPlate was too good to be true!

PetPlate: Why did you switch to PetPlate?
Jamie: I switched to PetPlate because Rudy devoured it the first time he tried a sample and wanted more, which had never happened before. I also realized that Rudy was used to high quality food so this was the top of the line for him, which is what he prefers and gravitates towards. It wasn't really a hard choice to make to have fresh meals delivered weekly for him. I have it done for me, so as soon as I realized it was an option for my dog I wanted the same. I have been beyond happy since the switch.

PetPlate: What has been your experience, if any, with a home cooked diet for Rudy?
Jamie: He has never had home cooked dog food. He's just eaten a few bits of scrambled eggs and loved that.

PetPlate: How long has Rudy been eating PetPlate?
Jamie: Almost a month.

PetPlate: What’s Rudy’s favorite PetPlate meal?
Jamie: I can’t tell yet, because he loves them all! Except blueberries. Apparently he doesn't like those, but he will lick his bowl clean and sit and cry for more every time he eats now.

PetPlate: What impact has PetPlate had on Rudy since he started eating it?
Jamie: Perhaps the biggest impact is that he is now a much better eater. My schedule changes daily so I can't feed him the exact same time each day, but with PetPlate he has been able to maintain a routine because he is always excited to eat it,s and his bowel movements are more consistent after. He just seems healthier and acts more like a dog who likes food now.

PetPlate: What would you tell someone who is skeptical about ordering PetPlate?
Jamie: Try it before knocking it. Your dog will love it and that's the best testimonial.