We compiled a list of 5 fresh human foods you can add to your dog’s bowl to help them live a longer and healthier life (shameless plug: PetPlate makes it even easier!)



An apple a day...Apples are known to slow and sometimes even shrink cancer by taking advantage of angiogenesis – blood vessel growth from pre-existing vessels to new vessels. Studies have shown that apples contain anti-angiogenic nutrients that slow the growth of new blood vessels and can show a 60% response rate in dog tumor cells. Just remember to take out the seeds (as well as the skins)!



Pumpkins contain antioxidants like zinc, manganese, and other great acids similar to those found in blueberries and cauliflower. Pumpkin, also like cauliflower, is a great source of fiber, and a tasty treat (not trick) for your best friend!



Broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage contain glucosinolates, the sulfur-containing chemicals that help to eliminate potential carcinogens from the body. They act in ways that prevent normal cells from being transformed into cancerous cells.



Butternut squash is high in antioxidant beta-carotene, which may prevent certain cancers and heart disease. In addition, this super fruit is packed with phytonutrients, which are plant-based nutrients that have been shown to provide health benefits related to cellular function, the immune system, and detoxification.



Fish Oil (specifically Omega-3 fatty acids) is a great cancer fighter since it been shown to prevent the development of carcinogen-induced tumors, the growth of solid tumors, as well metastatic disease. That's because cancer cells have a difficult time turning fat cells into energy. Studies have also shown that Omega-3 oil can normalize elevated blood lactic acid and insulin levels in non-malignant dogs. There, we’ve said it - BRING ON THE FAT!


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