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I'm adopting a new dog! Now What?

By Winston

Dear ‘Adoption Day’ butterflies:

Congratulations on your new family addition!  Here are five tips to help ‘em ease...

Hooman of the Month: Dr. Streeter

By The PetPlate Team

We’re launching a monthly series where we’ll be featuring influential hoomans and doggos. Our first post highligh...

Can my pup finally lose weight?

By Winston

Dear Plz Don't Weigh Me: OMG. Over HALF of dogs are overweight or obese. That means diabetes, hypertension, arthriti...

Five Reasons why you should “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

By Alina

Both the Humane Soc...

Can my dog eat pumpkin?

By Winston

Dear orange you glad we can eat pumpkins:

Pumpkin is great for hoomans and us doggos, too. Here's why?