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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the dog in your life

Tell your dogs you "woof" them this Valentine’s Day. Our animals are more than just pets -- they’re part of the family. So, on a day devoted to telling loved ones how much you care, don’t forget about your furry friends.


Everything Your Pet Wants For the Holidays

In today’s digital era, you can get a fresh meal sent to your door in minutes. While great for humans, your pet is stuck with the same old food day in and day out. If you are feeling bad about your pet as you munch down your next organic salad, you may be interested in PetPlate.

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PetPlate Is the First Dog Food Delivery Service That Puts Quality First

It’s no secret that people love their pets. From dog masseurs to pet therapists, taking care of your furry friend is undeniably important to you.


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Watch PetPlate's founder, Renaldo Webb, discuss their upcoming launch and the health issues facing our pets.



There's a dog version of Airbnb, Uber and pretty much every other service you use...



  • Michelle and zoe

    After years of trying to find a food that Zoe would happily eat for more than a few days, I've finally found the solution! It's been great for her sensitive stomach, and pre-portioned meals make it so easy.

    Michelle & Zoe
  • Taco

    Taco really likes this food. Its so nice not having to worry about him eating, and it seems to sit well on his stomach! Any other food he would eat gave him disgestive and gas issues :(. But I'm glad we found an option in PetPlate!

    Chris & Taco
  • Mia

    You guys have been a life saver. My fiancee and I have been wanting to cook for Mia for long, but couldn't keep a steady schedule with work. Evening deliveries make the service super convenient.

    Don & Mia