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by Elissa

My dog can be playing upstairs under a bed, but when he hears the PetPlate containers opening, he comes running and sits right at my feet. When I put the food down he goes right to the bowl and literally inhales the food. He’s never done this with any other food ever in his 10 years. Love PetPlate!

by Wanda

My dog has always been a picky eater and has upset tummy issues and allergies, which have gotten worse as she ages. She is now 11-1/2 years old and doesn't eat her kibble or wet food anymore. So I was very hesitant about trying something else new, but she eats PetPlate and her health has improved!

by Amy

Vixie now smiles all the time! Not just when she is trying to get human food from us! Her coat is softer, and she has more energy. Her PetPlate diet is helping both her live a happier, healthier life!

by Elizabeth

It usually takes Sema all night for her to eat her usual food, but sometimes she doesn't eat it all. Luckily, she eats PetPlate immediately and really loves it. Also, I love the money-back guarantee!

by Jennifer

The beef was a hit! He loved it so much that he got weak in the knees when he ate it. He went back to his bowl to lick it clean several times after he was done!

by Greta

I've cooked for my dogs for ages and have been looking for an easier solution. My pups love PetPlate even MORE than my cooking! Love, love!

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