My schedule changes daily so I can't feed him the exact same time each day, but with PetPlate he has been able to maintain a routine because he is always excited to eat and his bowel movements are more consistent after. He just seems healthier and acts more like a dog who likes food now.

Jamie & Rudy

Ziggy LOVED the food. She is so happy and playful after her meals. I really liked the ingredient list; her meal sounded delicious! I've been mindful of giving Ziggy healthier foods and it was great to see the care with which PetPlate prepares its food.

Angela & Ziggy

PetPlate is amazing! My exceptionally picky dog loves this food. He's been a snooty eater for his entire 7 years of life, often skipping meals for days and we've had to resort to high calorie treats to keep his weight up at all. We've tried everything: high quality dry foods, canned foods, raw diets, roasted chicken, grilled hamburger ... nothing ever got him to eat consistently. But he loves PetPlate so much he never skips a meal anymore, and he even comes and begs for his meals now.

Heather & Conall

Josie loved it! I've struggled so much to get her to eat traditional dog food. She is unbelievably picky so it must be good if she likes it. ;)

Brooke & Josie

After years of trying to find a food that Cash would happily eat for more than a few days, I've finally found the solution! It's been great for her sensitive stomach, and pre-portioned meals make it so easy.

Anastasia & Cash

My senior dog and my young dogs not only LOVE and devour Pet Plate, but their coats have become so shiny and soft! The team is amazing, best customer service ever and always willing to customize based on your needs

Kevin & Winston and Samus

Wow! I've never seen him eat anything as fast as your Beef & Vegetables! I was also impressed by your delivery courier. He was so nice and professional, and even stopped for a quick Instagram picture!

Armon & Ulee

Milo is SOO picky. I'm constatnly buying him new treats and toys, but he gets bored after a day! PetPlate variety pack has been a life saver. Mixing up the meals every week is the only thing that will keep him interested in dinner.

Michelle & Milo

Puccini is obviously a fan of the food, but it is helping his fur get so soft. He also seems to have more energy and will play with me before and after his meals. Its a fun change a pace to see his old energy come back!

Leslie & Puccini

You guys have been a life saver. My fiancee and I have been wanting to cook for Mia for long, but couldn't keep a steady schedule with work. Evening deliveries make the service super convenient.

Don & Mia

Nugget seems to be in love with her PetPlate samples! I fed her last night and this morning. I forgot when was the last time she actually finished her food + licked her bowl clean like she did with PetPlate.

Jixuan & Nugget

Taco really likes this food. Its so nice not having to worry about him eating, and it seems to sit well on his stomach! Any other food he would eat gave him disgestive and gas issues :(. But I'm glad we found an option in PetPlate!

Chris & Taco

Lucy absolutely LOVES her PetPlate food. She cant seem to get enough. Like she is literally going back to the bowl and licking the empty bowl because she doesnt want it to be over. Since she is so happy, I think the product is AWESOME. Other than that, i am so happy with the product. I think Lucy has been really happy as well. And she's been going to the bathroom and eating a lot more consistently which is awesome because she usually has a very sensitive stomach and it can be really hard to find dog food and treats that she likes and mesh well with her system

Nikki & Lucy

Thank you so much for adding us to your delivery route so quickly! We recived the food today, and Remi was so excited when I showed him the box! He knew the food was for him before I even opened it!

Kenji & Remi

Before PetPlate, we always home cooked Bono's meals, and dreaded prepping meals every week for him. PetPlate is human grade food and Bono absolutely loves every meal! Each delivery has been very timely. The variety pack is awesome and we had received one month free for mentioning who had referred us to PetPlate.

Jesse & Potato

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