7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

A pet parent feeding their pup Pet Plate

Over 40 percent of households in the United States own at least one dog.

If you’re one of these lucky owners, I bet the health of your pet is always on your mind.

What things can you do to keep your dog happy and healthy? Here are 7 tips.

#1. Monitor sleeping patterns

Dogs sleep a lot more than humans. In fact, on average, a hooman’s best friend sleeps 12-14 hours a day! So, if your pup is sleeping a lot, it probably isn’t anything to worry about. However, if you notice any significant changes in sleeping habits, see your vet.

#2. Be aware of your dog’s mental health

Did you know that dogs experience mental health issues just like humans? For example, some dogs get separation anxiety if they spend a lot of time alone or have a history of neglect. Watch out for abnormal behavior or acting out as a sign of mental health issues with your pup.

#3. Stay on top of their weight

A big concern for dog owners is making sure your pet maintains a healthy weight. If your dog is overweight or underweight, it could be a sign of something more serious. Be sure to talk with your vet about the ideal weight for your pup, and make sure your pup’s weight doesn’t veer too far from that number. One way to help your pup maintain a healthy weight is to feed your pup high-quality home-cooked meals.

#4. Get to know your breed

Every dog breed has its own quirks and health concerns. For example, Dachshunds are susceptible to back issues later in life; Labradors are synonymous with hip problems; and, French Bulldogs struggle with allergies. Whichever dog breed you have, be aware of common ailments and watch out for warning signs. 


A corgi in a Pet Plate box

#5. Don’t neglect grooming

Regardless of your dog breed of choice, grooming is important. Whether it’s bathing your pup, brushing their coat, cleaning their teeth, or clipping their nails – every dog requires some level of maintenance to ensure they stay clean and healthy. 

#6. Have regular checkups and vaccinations

Owning a dog can be expensive, and vet visits certainly don’t miss your bank account! However, regular checkups, tick treatment, and worming vaccinations are critical to the long-term health of your dog. 

#7. Stay active every day

A daily exercise routine is essential to keeping your dog healthy and happy. Of course, some breeds require less activity than others, but without regular exercise, your pup will be more susceptible to both physical and mental health issues.


If you love your dog as much I do, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them healthy. All it takes is a bit of love and care each day, some proactive health care, a healthy diet, and regular visits to the vet. 

Guest author: Will Blunt is the founder of Sidekick Digital, a publishing business that launches, manages, and grows brands with content marketing. He is also the proud owner of a French Bulldog and lifelong dog lover. Connect with Will on LinkedIn and Twitter.