Being a working dog mom it helps me so much to know that my pup is getting high quality food that she loves without spending all the time meal prepping. We can now use that spare time to play :)

Cruiser murphy

You've gotten our finicky dog to eat! Every day was a challenge. Then PetPlate arrived...and we have now entered a new era!


Recently, we introduced Ralph to PetPlate - and he has been the HAPPIEST pup! 🐾♥️💫 Prior, Ralph was having stomach issues and I associated it with him getting into things he shouldn't have, but I didn't realize how much he didn't like his food until we served him PetPlate. The best part is Ralph hasn't had a single stomach episode since he has started eating this. Ralph is a huge fan and so are we! ♥️


Nothing but the best for my fur child 🐶 With her getting older (she will be 8 soon 😳) I have gotten very particular about her health and what I am feeding her. Over the past few weeks I have switched her over to food from @petplate and there's no looking back. OMG y’all she LOVES it-- with her old food she used to just kind of graze throughout the day.... but now she scarfs her meals down in minutes.


We switched up Stubs and Soph’s meals to PetPlate as a little present to them over the holidays. 🐶🐶 They loved their new food so much that we decided to stick with it for the new year. It’s working out perfectly, since our vet told us that both of our adopted babies are ever-so-slightly overweight, and that we need to improve their diets. (I plan for them to live forever, so I made the adjustments immediately)


Suprise-surprise Mr. Blu has dietary issues and even though he is a Lab and they are notorious for eating everything in site, so he’s on a strict no-gluten diet. PetPlate helps us not over feed this husky boy, and all packaging materials are non-toxic and recyclable. A win/win right?!?


Our super picky little man cleans out his bowl (which is rare)!

Screen shot 2018 01 03 at 3.24.21 pm

About a year ago Joba started to have some issues with excessive drinking and urination. I brought him to the vet for a full work up. He turned out to not have any serious diseases, but he did have low albumin and B12. Thus, he was not absorbing his protein. So the vet and I went down the path of a month of metronidazole, weekly B12 shots for 6 weeks, then every other week for a few months as well as a prescription low fat diet. It worked and he actually gained weight. His albumin went back to a normal level. A few months later in the spring of 2017 he stopped eating his prescription food. He would just pout at the food no matter what I did including putting chicken, soup and other goodies in it. I decided to give PetPlate a try. I was blown away! Joba goes absolutely crazy when I am preparing his breakfast/dinner. He can be upstairs under a bed and when he hears the bowls he comes running and literally inhales the food. He has never done this with any other food. Even after he finishes it he goes back to the bowl to lick for any possible remnants.

Screen shot 2018 01 03 at 5.03.07 pm

The beef was a hit! My pup loved it so much that he got weak in the knees when he ate it. He went back to his bowl to lick it clean several times after he was done!

Screen shot 2018 01 03 at 4.59.53 pm

I have tried cooking for my pup who was diagnosed with IBS and became intolerant of nearly all foods. He is eating PetPlate without hesitation or upset stomach!

Screen shot 2018 01 02 at 2.53.42 pm

Yay! Santa came early!

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We’ve been wanting to up her dog food game for a while, so when we found the simplicity of PetPlate and honest ingredients, we knew it was time to make the switch! 🙌🏼

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Mia is loving her PetPlate meals! 100% human-quality, ready-to-eat food for dogs. The meals are made up of meat (only the good parts!), vegetables, and fruit.

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My dog has always been a picky eater and had problems with upset tummy/anal gland issues which have gotten worse as she ages. She is now 11.5 years old and began to refuse eating her kibble or wet food. All she would eat are treats and I knew that was not good for her, so I saw your post on Facebook and ordered some of the roast turkey for her. I was very hesitant about trying something new, but she ate it all!

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All I want for Christmas is a happy tummy! Thanks PetPlate!

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Actual footage of my smile when I hear my pawrents heating up my PetPlate in the morning!


Pearl continues to be very enthusiastic about PetPlate. We've been really happy with the quality and convenience so far!

20170701 150016

My shih tzu Bear is 3 and a 1/2 years-old with digestive and itchy skin issues. Having him eat PetPlate was the best thing we ever did!! He is now itch-free and we take less trips to the vet! He can't wait for his roasted turkey dinner and especially loves the all-natural potatoes, peas, and apples!

Annie L.

Our first order of PetPlate just came in and it is such a relief! I've been having a lot of issues with Mishka and her incredibly finicky puppy taste. I kept asking my vet and the trainer if they thought there was something wrong because she barely ate. I tried so many different brands of dog food and she would only really eat out of necessity. Sometimes the morning food bowl would sit there all day untouched. But when I gave her her first meal of PetPlate, she went wild. Seriously, it's such a big weight lifted as I was really getting concerned about her apparent lack of appetite!


Canela is an 11 year old lab who is doing great on PetPlate!! I slowly added PetPlate to her diet and now PetPlate is 75% of her daily diet!! Her weight has stabilized and as a result she has a lot more energy :) Thanks to everyone at PetPlate Canela couldn't be more pleased.

Sandra P.
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I just don't have the time or the energy to cook for my dogs for every meal, so purchasing PetPlate for my pups beats hefty vet bills in the long run. I’ve always fed my dogs specialty dog food, vet Rx dog food - you name it, I've tried it! But nothing calmed all of their ear infections and all those little everyday problems. I’ve tried the highest premium dog food I could find through Chewy or Amazon, even limited ingredient food that the vet insisted on, but all of them caused more ear infections, more feet problems, and even hotspot breakouts. Since switching to PetPlate, my dogs are back to being healthy! I joke that my dogs are going to outlive ME because I don't feed myself nearly as well!!

Anne S.
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I've spent two years, trying every single brand and type of food at the pet store, throwing away thousands of dollars. Until now. My PetPlate arrived yesterday and my dog ate every bite. She even sniffed around the plate looking for more. Thank you so much for making quality food that my dog actually LOVES. I seriously cannot believe it!

Kelli F.
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My dog Oreo licked her bowl clean! It's the most animated I've seen her. The texture of the new recipes are more chunky and more natural-looking. It looks like real food - it looks fantastic. Whatever you did differently, please keep doing it! Consider me an even more loyal PetParent.

Ben S.
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My fur baby Buster stole my heart at the shelter and I’m doing everything I can so he can have the best life. Since he's been eating PetPlate, his coat is shinier, he has more energy, and his joints don't bother him as much. I recommend PetPlate to everyone!

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My dog was so excited to eat! He gobbled it up and I also think since switching to PetPlate he's sleeping better and seems more satisfied!

Leeann B.
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With PetPlate, my dogs literally remind me when it's dinner time. Before PetPlate, he seemed to get hungry by mid-day and now he doesn't! My dog is picky, but he gulps down every PetPlate meal.

Caryann K.
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My dogs Pepe and Mischa have never eaten their food so quickly! Especially Mischa - she’s usually incredibly picky and it takes her hours to finish her food. She scarfs this right down.

Haley D. from Florida
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I've tried cooking for my schnauzer (who is diagnosed with IBS) and has become intolerant of most foods. He's eating PetPlate without hesitation or upset stomach!

Vicky B.
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Before we were introduced to PetPlate, feeding my dog came with its challenges. She was very picky with kibble - she would eat initially but she'd refuse to eat it again. Also, a lot of the “richer” brands were really rough on her stomach. I moved her to canned food and her stomach was doing a bit better, but I noticed she was gaining weight and getting sluggish with more joint pain. I was thinking of cooking for her but it was way too time-consuming. A good friend told us about PetPlate. I ordered it and put some in her bowl and it was gone in a second! She loves it! Now she always does a little happy dance before her meals. She hasn’t had a single tummy issue on PetPlate. She is also looking slimmer and has more energy now at 11 than she did at 7. We are SO happy with our PetPlate meals! Now every meal is a treat!

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What a fantastic way to give our doggies homemade, healthy food! I was cooking for Jack before, but it's a lot of work and it isn't cheap!

Colleen P.
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My Pearl LOVES PetPlate! We've spent the past two years trying to find food that was both nutritious and that Pearl would actually like to eat. That proved to be a challenge. But after eating PetPlate, we have noticed something very encouraging: Pearl actually waits with anticipation for her food. This is something totally new! And not only does she anticipate her food, she quite literally LICKS her plate clean! We also noticed something unexpected. Pearl often has runny, watery eyes. Since we've completely weaned her off her old food and onto PetPlate, her eyes are clear and sparkly!

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Sorry we ate so fast you couldn't take a pic #LoveMyFood

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