Halloween & Your Dog: Safety Tips, Costume Ideas & More

How to Have a Safe (and Fun!) Halloween With Your Dog

It’s the spookiest time of year and one of the most fun for you and your family — dog included, of course! This year’s Halloween festivities will look a little different because of the CDC’s recommendations, but there are still many fantastic ways to enjoy the holiday. 

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween

  • Keep candy in a safe place away from your dog. 

Make sure you put candy in a place your dog can’t reach and let everyone know that giving a dog candy is not safe.

Candy sweetened with sugar is not a healthy option for your pup as it can lead to weight gain and upset stomach. Chocolate candy and sugar-free candy are even worse options as they are toxic to dogs. You don’t want to ruin the Halloween fun and risk getting your dog sick dog.

If your dog does scarf down some forbidden treats, don’t wait for signs of illness, as they can take up to 12 hours to appear. Call your vet as soon as you know your dog has eaten something off-limits, or you can call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 (consultation fees may apply). 

  • Keep an eye on your dog if they’re in costume.

We’re all for adorable Halloween costumes for pets, but safety always comes first. Remove any potentially hazardous pieces such as loose buttons, especially  if your dog likes to chew on things. Even dogs that don’t normally like to chew may be tempted when they have a costume on, so always keep an eye on your pet.

  • Dog-proof your Halloween decorations. 

Some dogs might be a little too curious about those faux spider webs or that spooky inflatable ghost you have in the yard. If you aren’t able to put decorations out of your dog’s reach, check in on your pup often to keep them out of trouble.

  • Keep your dog in a safe place if they’re a known “runner.” 

If people will be coming in and out during the Halloween activities, put up a baby gate or keep your dog in another room. A runaway pup would be a truly scary Halloween trick! 

Celebrating Halloween With Your Pup

  • Give them a fun Halloween toy. 

Buy your dog a fun Halloween-themed toy or make one yourself! They might not get the holiday theme, but they’ll definitely be excited about a new toy!

Bring your dog to your local pet store and let them pick out a Halloween toy that catches their eye. Or, for a simple DIY option, try a frozen sock toy or a fuss-free t-shirt tug toy using Halloween-themed socks or t-shirts, respectively. 

  • Teach them some spooky new tricks.

Try teaching your dog the zombie walk or how to play dead. This is as close to trick-or-treating as most dogs get ﹘ they do a trick, and they get a treat! You’ll both have a blast showing off the new tricks on Halloween.

  • Indulge them with extra treats.

The whole family will likely be having some Halloween treats, and there’s no need to leave your pup out! While they can’t have candy, they can have healthy Halloween treats to enjoy along with the rest of the pack. 

PetPlate offers dog treats made with human-grade ingredients, so you know your dog is getting a safe and delicious snack. Our dog-approved 100% Organic Chicken Apple Sausage Bites are full of fall flavors, making them the perfect choice for Halloween. 

  • Snuggle up and watch a spooky movie

A cuddly movie night is a great way to bond with your best furry friend.  Dogs also make the perfect spooky movie companions because you know they’ll have your back if you get too scared! 

For a family-friendly movie, we recommend Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. Or for some real scares, try the 1979 Amityville Horror. (Don’t worry, Harry the dog lives!)

  • Dress them up in costume (if they like it).

Putting your dog in costume is always a good laugh for family and friends. Dressing your dog up is especially fun if you can take them on a socially distanced trick-or-treating walk with your kids. It’s great to see everyone included in the Halloween festivities, and your dog will have a great time hanging out with the family.

Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

If your dog likes being dressed up, you can buy or make the perfect cute or spooky costume for them!

  • Cute Halloween dog costumes

The endless options for dog Halloween costumes mean you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for your pup. There’s the classic hot dog Halloween costume or this too-cute triceratops costume. If you want something on the spooky side, turn your dog into a scary spider puppy or a glow-in-the-dark skeleton

  • Easy DIY Halloween dog costumes

If you’re a DIYer, you can make a great dog costume out of items you likely have around the house. 

Turn your dog into a Ty Beanie Baby with some felt, a pair of scissors, and a little glue. To get a good visual on how to assemble it, check out Mochi and Duke modeling the final product. 

A mummy costume might be the easiest DIY ever. Just grab a roll of white gauze and get to wrapping! Of course, be careful not to wrap it too tight. You should be able to slide two fingers between the gauze and your dog easily. 

  • Matching dog and owner/family Halloween costumes

If you want a cohesive Halloween look for you and your pup, try this librarian and assistant costume idea. It’s easy to put together with things already in your closet.

A quick trip to the thrift store should get you everything you need for a coordinating Beetlejuice costume. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, try this gnome, flower, and bee ensemble costume. It’s perfect for large families. You can add more gnomes, flowers, or bees as needed. It’s a little more involved, but the result is fabulous! 

Happy Halloween from PetPlate

Halloween is all about having fun and creating great memories. Include your dog in the family festivities, and you’re sure to win one of those heart-melting puppy smiles. Don’t forget to order some special Halloween treats for your dog to enjoy! PetPlate can deliver treats and fresh-cooked meals, made with high-quality meat and produce, right to your door. 

From all of us at PetPlate, have a safe, healthy, and happy Halloween!