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Women’s History Month: Spotlight on Dr. Renee Streeter

This Women’s History Month, we want to put a spotlight on one of the women behind PetPlate’s healthy, tail-waggin' recipes, Dr. Renee Streeter.  Growing up on her family’s dairy farm surrounded by animals fostered her love of nutrition and animals and naturally led her to a career in Veterinary Nutrition. After graduating from Cornell University,

Special Needs Dogs: Adopt a Pet with Special Abilities

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Special Needs Dogs: What to Expect When Adopting a Special Friend Despite the challenges they face, special needs dogs have an indomitable spirit and zest for life. And when placed in caring homes, they reward support and affection with unconditional love and loyalty. There are additional responsibilities that come with caring for a special needs

How We Know PetPlate is the Best Tasting Dog Food | PetPlate

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How We Know PetPlate is the Best Tasting Dog Food We taste it! But it isn’t our opinion that counts—it’s our dogs’.  Our canine connoisseurs are overseen by a top professional research firm, and give their opinions along the way as we formulate our flavors. Of course, our veterinary nutritionist ensures that the optimum balance