Pet Plate At Home: How to Keep Your Pup Active!

Dog At Home

We’re all adjusting to our new normal — including our doggos! The transition to working from home means more time spent indoors with our families close by and many more opportunities for having fun at home in creative ways!

It can be a difficult task to keep your dog occupied while getting work done or homeschooling children. Pet Plate has compiled some simple ways to keep your pup active so you can focus on your video conference, lesson plans, or movie night with the family!

It’s Play Time

Independent playtime is essential for kiddos and pups alike! Keep your doggos amused by giving them more involved toys, like a Kong with peanut butter. Enjoying a quiet toy by themselves will allow you to tackle your to-do list without interruption. Avoid toys with squeaky parts, if possible, to prevent distraction during work or home school hours. Treat-based toys are always great options for the best pups who need some entertainment!

Show Me Your Moves 

Burn some energy with your doggo by setting up an obstacle or agility course! If you have a backyard, let them roam and then guide your doggos through the course.

In a tiny apartment? No problem! Use kitchen chairs or stools, furniture, or small exercise equipment for your pup while you’re inside. Lead your dog from start to finish — they’re sure to always come in at #1!

Is it Lunchtime Yet?

Meal prepping can be an added stressor with all of these changes to our routines. Don’t let that stop you from providing yourself or your pup with delicious meals. For us hoomans, trying a new recipe can add excitement to our extended at-home time this spring. Pups can take part too! 

Take the worry out of stocking up on what you need for your pup by utilizing Pet Plate’s delivery service! All Pet Plate meals are made with fresh, human-grade ingredients — and sent directly to your door. One less trip to the store, a whole lot more flavor for your doggo!

Get Fresh Air – Responsibly!

Take a moment away from your at-home desk and get some fresh air. As the spring weather approaches, it’s normal to feel cooped up at home during this time of social distancing. Go to a  local dog park, field, or beach before the workday or during off-hours to avoid crowds.

Remember to stay six feet away from other hoomans and try to refrain from petting their pups (we know, this part is hard!). As always, it’s vital to follow the instructions of your local government. At the very least, take an extra walk around your neighborhood! 

Snack Attacks

It’s treat time! Keep special goodies handy for your pups in those critical moments when you need to focus. Consider shifting meals or snacks to those times when you know you’ll be occupied — and can’t focus on those adorable puppy eyes! Use this tip sparingly and when necessary, as we don’t want our pups to put on extra weight! 

Self-Care is for Doggos too!

Take this time to focus on your physical and mental health, and don’t forget about your furry friends! Spend some quality time inside thoroughly brushing your pup, which will help prevent matting of their fur. Make sure to do this at least once a week! If your doggos has long hair, try to brush them once a day. 

Since the days of professional grooming are gone (just for now!), create a schedule for bathing your pups. Help keep them clean by bathing them regularly, especially if they get their paws into anything dirty! The frequency of how often your furry friends should be bathed is based on their coat, breed, and any recommendations given by your veterinarian or groomer! 

Snuggle Session

Give yourself a break and snuggle up! Make sure your pup has a comfortable spot for naps, preferably in another room, to minimize interfering with your work. It’s just as important for us hoomans to get up and stretch throughout the work-from-home day, so take a minute away from the screen, book, or conference line to share some love with your doggo. This might be our favorite tip of them all…