A dachsund next to Pet Plate containers

A dachsund next to Pet Plate containers

If you’re anything like me, 98% of your camera roll is filled with pics of your four-legged family member(s). But let’s be honest, how many of those snaps are post- or frame- worthy? Wouldn’t it be great if they were all keepers? We’ve put together some tips n’ tricks to get the best show of your pooch every time.


Every pup has their own unique personality. Capturing their one-of-a-kind expressions and most endearing qualities guarantees you and insta-worthy shot. Start by grabbing your doggo’s attention with a squeaky toy or a treat in their range of view.


Get on their level! Crouch or lie down on the floor. Do what it takes to see things from your pup’s POV. Seeing the world from your doggo’s perspective will produce more intimate, up close n’ personal photos.


You know your fur baby best, especially when it comes to their routines, habits, n’ cute quirks. Try anticipating the shot ahead of time and make sure you’ve got your camera ready to capture the moment.


Natural light is everything. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve wrapped your latest puppy shoot with a ton of quality pics only to find out they look strangely akin to Damien thanks to the flash. Avoid using flash when you can, and prioritize using natural light for a best-in-class image.

PRO TIP 4 iPHONERS: Tap on your subject. See a square? A sun will appear on the right. Simply hold down on the sun and slide up/down to bring focus on your subject and change the exposure level. PS, don’t go too crazy with it or your photo could be washed out.


Sleepy puppies are the best models. Snap some shots of your doggo after a day at the park, a long walk, or a play date. Not only will they be more cooperative during the shoot, but you’ll capture their softer side too!

These tips will have your pup barkin’ “I’m ready for my close-up!”Tag us in your #petplatephotoshoot pics on IG!