Show Your Pup Some Love

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs (and the Humans Who Love Them)

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and our pets, and the humans who love them, deserve some extra love too! To help you out, we’ve created a giant list of dog Valentine’s Day gift ideas and some fun ideas for the dog parents themselves. 

Get ready to have a blast this Valentine’s Day and surprise others with amazing dog Valentine gifts! 

What Should I Get My Dog for Valentine’s Day? – 5 Sweet Dog Valentines Day Gift Ideas

1. Valentine’s Day Gog Toys

Any dog would be thrilled to receive Valentine’s dog toys for this special occasion. After all, nothing says love like chasing your dog around your home as they enjoy frolicking around with their new toy. 

Let’s jump into some sweet Valentine’s dog toys that are on point and pawfect for the occasion:

  1. Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Rose All Day Squeaky Plush Dog Toy: This is sure to put a smile on your face and your dog’s. Enjoy this pink Rose All Day bottle-shaped toy with your pup this Valentine’s Day. But, be warned – it is a squeaky plush dog toy! 
  2. Frisco Retro Lip Gloss Plush Squeaky Dog Toy: Have a girly girl dog in your life? This three-count dog toy is perfect for them with its bright red lips and two tubes of retro lip gloss. Help your pup embrace their girly side this Valentine’s Day with this fun valentine’s dog toy. 
  3. Marvel’s Valentine Candy Heart Heroes Plush Squeaky Dog Toy: These large Valentine’s Day “candy hearts” are an excellent gift for the super dog in your life. Your dog will love the hulk, spiderman, iron man, and Thor candy heart heroes – those heroes will know who’s top dog by the end of the day! 
  4. STAR WARS Valentine THE MANDALORIAN’s GROGU Ballistic Nylon Plush Squeaky Dog Toy: Everyone loves baby Yoda. Your dog can enjoy meeting the famed mentor themselves with this large squeaky Valentine dog toy, complete with a “Catch My Heart” saying. This toy is stuffed with crinkle paper to make this extra fun. 
  5. STAR WARS Valentine Box of Chocolates Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy: This out-of-the-world puzzle toy set is sure to delight your pup’s senses this Valentine’s Day. Complete with five Star Wars-themed toys, including emblems and famous ships, that you can stuff inside the chocolate box for your pup to find.  

Dog Valentine Box 

If you enjoy personalizing your Valentine’s Day gifts, consider making your dog their very own dog Valentine box. Gift baskets for dogs give you endless options when it comes to choosing what you give your special pup this holiday. 

Here are some gift baskets for dog ideas to get you started: 

  • A fun Valentine dog toy
  • Your dog’s favorite treats (your pup is sure to love our organic Chicken Apple Sausage Bites)
  • A stuffed animal friend
  • Some amazing balls to play fetch with
  • A new blanket to curl up with
  • A stimulating puzzle toy
  • A Valentine’s Day-themed sweater or collar

Valentine Dog Collars

Does your pet enjoy wearing a special outfit? Consider gifting them some Valentine’s Day dog clothes to wear for the special occasion. This could be something simple like Valentine’s Day bandana or a cute Valentine’s Day dog collar. 


Here are some of our favorite Valentine dog collars: 

  1. Midlee Valentine’s Heart Decorative Dog Collar: This collar comes in multiple sizes and will fit small and large dogs. We love that this elastic collar is easy to put on, comfortable for dogs, and easy to remove at the end of the day. 
  2. Azusa Dog Collar with Removable Bowtie Dog Collar: For the extra dapper dog, this dog collar has a removable bow tie that can’t be cuter. This dog collar comes in four sizes and over ten different colors and designs. 
  3. Country Brook Petz Scrolling Hearts Martingale Dog Collars: This classic heart dog collar comes in a huge variety of sizes and colorful heart-themed designs. Perfect for the big day! 
  4. Frisco Valentines Polyester Dog Collar: For a more subdued look, this dog collar features tiny white, blue, and pink hearts. Perfect for the dog looking for a new, cute everyday look! 
  5. Yellow Dog Design Crazy Hearts Adjustable Dog Collar: This fashionable collar features original artwork that is vibrant and unique. Just like your pup! It’s also machine washable, making it perfect for dogs that love to have fun outside. 

Dog Valentines Day Outfit

Is the pawfect Valentine dog collar not enough of a statement for your pup? Try out some of these show-stopping Valentine dog clothes

  1. Frisco Sequin Dog & Cat Hoodie: For the dog that’s fashionable and functional, this sequin hoodie is a great gift! With its sequined accents on the hood and back pocket, your pup will show off plenty of flair while enjoying the cozy hoodie to stay warm during winter. 
  2. Disney Minnie and Daisy “Gal Pals Fur-ever” Dog & Cat Dress: Does your pet enjoy watching Disney movies with you? Get your best gal pal this incredibly cute, heart-covered dress to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.
  3. Frisco Momma’s Lil Sweetheart Dog & Cat Dress: The perfect Valentines day dog clothes pick. It’s sweet, pink, and has a eye-catching gold bow on the back. Perfect for your lil sweetheart.
  4. Frisco Formal Dog & Cat Tuxedo: Does your dapper gent need a suitable outfit for taking you out this fine Valentine’s Day? Consider this charming dog tuxedo. 
  5. Frisco Love Bites Dog & Cat Bandana: If your dog would prefer a simpler bandana, check out this adorable “Love Bites” bandana which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It also won’t get in the way of your dog’s leash or collar. 

5. Special Valentine’s Day Meal for Your Dog

Our last Valentine’s Day gift suggestion is going to be treating your dog to a special Valentine’s Day meal – a dinner from PetPlate! 

Whether your pup has a refined palette or chows down on just about anything, they deserve the best – human-grade ingredients bursting with crave-worthy flavors! Our meals are designed by a veterinary nutritionist to make sure your pup is getting everything they need and want in one scrumptious meal. Human-grade ingredients are the perfect upgrade for your pup and are not only an amazing Valentine’s Day treat but a delicious way to support their health in the long term. Check out our many amazing varieties, including Chompin’ Chicken, Lip Lickin’ Lamb, and Barkin’ Beef, here

BONUS: Gift Ideas for Dog Owners on Valentine’s Day

If you have any dog lovers in your life, there is nothing better than getting them a fantastic dog-themed gift that they are sure to love. You can choose an amazing dog Valentine’s Day gift above to give to their pup for the holiday, or choose a gift that they can enjoy using themselves. 

“My dog is my valentine” shirt

This gift for dog moms is sure to delight the dog owners in your life! 

Check out the many fantastic dog Valentine shirts here with fun expressions like “My Dog is my Valentine” and “My Valentine has Paws.” The dog moms in your life are sure to love these cute, comfortable shirts, sweaters, and much more. Etsy also has many options for personalization, allowing you to customize some of the options with your friend’s dog breed, dog’s name, and much more. 

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift of All – A Healthy Pup!

Dog collars, dog toys, and dog clothes are incredible gifts for your pup this Valentine’s Day. However, nothing beats the very best Valentine’s Day gift of all – an investment in your pup’s health and happiness. A healthy diet is one of the biggest steps you can take today to help your dog live a healthier life filled with more energy, fewer vet visits, better poops, shinier coats, and so much more! 

Get vet-designed recipes made with real ingredients in a human-grade kitchen delivered to your doorstep today. Every meal is personalized to your dog’s unique characteristics, so you can rest easy knowing that they are receiving all the nutrients and calories they need. We promise your pup won’t stop thanking you for this amazing gift. Check out our delicious entrees here.