Two dogs dressed as judges comparing Pet Plate vs kibble

Fact: over 90% of dog parents around the world feed their pups dry, commercial pet food (a.k.a. kibble). But here’s the problem: kibble is over-processed, made with low-quality ingredients, and often indigestible! It was born in 1964 purely out of Big Pet Food’s desire to cut costs and increase profits.

To put it lightly, kibble is to dogs what fast food is to humans.

Just think about how much better we humans feel on a natural diet of high-quality proteins and fresh fruits n’ veggies. Well, it’s the same for your fur baby! Some pawsitive benefits of a fresh dog food diet include:


A dog jumping for a frisby

Kibble is basically the fast food of the dog world. It’s way over-processed, making it difficult for a dog’s digestive system to fully break down because of the lack of moisture. Real, fresh ingredients are far more digestible. What does this all add up to? Well, the more nutrients that are absorbed, the more energy for playtime!


A dog pooping

More digestibility also means better bowel movements. Gross – we know, but what pet parent can’t tell if something is off with their fur baby based on their poop situation! Because processed foods often can contain too much fiber, your doggo’s body goes into overdrive and might not have enough time to break down the other nutrients between meals. Smaller, firmer, healthier poops inbound.


A collage of dogs scratching

Got allergies? What about dry fur, rashes, or constant itches? Sorry, we meant your fur baby. Similar to humans, a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet can help! The fatty acids and oils in fresh food help improve coat hydration and reduce skin problems.


A dog getting checked by vets

Vitamins, minerals, essential oils, n’ fibers work together to help boost your doggo’s immune system. This could mean fewer vet visits over the course of their lifetime. Fewer skin issues, sensitive tummy relief, and weight management are all reasons to consider a fresh-cooked diet – and get back more one-on-one time with your doggo.


A bowl of Pet Plate

Your doggo is what he/she eats – just like you. With no artificial flavors/colors, preservatives, fillers, rendered meats or by-products in a fresh food diet, pet parents can feel secure knowing everything going into their fur baby’s belly is 100% REAL.