A Guide to Healthy Food for Your Doggo

Fresh-Cooked Food

Staying healthy and eating deliciously doesn’t have to be complicated — especially for our pups! At Pet Plate, we understand that it’s what in the bowl that counts. We’re passionate about providing a simple solution to well-balanced meals, full of vitamins, nutrients, and fresh ingredients, for doggos everywhere! Our veterinarian-designed recipes are formulated for all types of breeds, from doggos watching their waistlines to pups with sensitive tummies. 

Here are some tasty tips to keep in mind when making healthy food swaps for your doggo!

1. Transparent Labels
Before giving anything to your pup, be sure to read the label! All ingredients should be readily identifiable and you should never feed your doggo something you wouldn’t eat. The nutrition facts should align with any dietary suggestions your trusted veterinarian has recommended. The nutritional facts should be clear and all recipes should be filled with healthy and recognizable — not to mention delicious! — ingredients. 
2. Fresh Ingredients
Our motto at Pet Plate is the fresher, the better! Fresh ingredients pack all of the delicious flavors our pups love. We recommend avoiding manufactured additives for doggos to help with digestion and long term health. Limiting artificial ingredients can promote strong gut health and improved energy — just like in us hoomans! With fresh ingredients, you can ensure your doggo is eating the highest quality food to meet their dietary needs.
3. Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamins and minerals and nutrients — oh my! All of the important nutritional values your pup needs should be discussed with your vet prior to making any major dietary changes. Not sure where to start? Bring a list of ingredients to your next vet appointment, including those your pup loves and some they might be sensitive to! Their expertise, paired with transparent labels and fresh ingredients, will help you easily identify a complete and balanced diet for your furry friend.