An Interview with Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Renee Streeter

Meet the woman behind our pup-approved meals.

Dr. Renee Streeter is a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and the brains behind our healthy recipes. Dr. Streeter, a Cornell graduate, has partnered with our team to formulate recipes that are full of nutritional value for our furry best friends. And, healthy does not have to mean bland. Dr. Streeter collaborates with Pet Plate founder, Renaldo Webb, to make sure each recipe is as tasty for dogs as it is healthy. 

Dr. Streeter

Learn more about Dr. Streeter’s passion for pups and healthy eating below: 

Pet Plate: What was your main objective when collaborating with Pet Plate? 

Dr. Streeter: “My goal when formulating recipes for Pet Plate is to create a complete and balanced diet that is highly palatable for dogs. Most dogs respond really well to a fresh diet comprised of high-quality ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. My hope is that every dog enjoys Pet Plate and can experience the benefits of a truly healthy diet.” 

PP: What makes Pet Plate, in your opinion, a healthy option for pups? 

Dr. S: “All four Pet Plate recipes were designed to meet the nutritional requirements for dogs at all life stages. Pet Plate meals are always made with human-grade ingredients in a USDA facility. The mission at Pet Plate is to make mealtime a joyful experience for pet parents and their beloved dogs — that’s what makes Pet Plate special.” 

PP: What kind of pups can benefit from eating Pet Plate? 

Dr. S: “There is a meal for every type of dog at Pet Plate! Regardless of age, energy-level, or waistline, we have made sure that our recipes are complete and balanced for all breeds. Our food is enjoyed by all kinds of pups, including those with sensitive tummies, picky pups who turn their noses up at kibble, and dogs who will eat just about anything! Picky eaters tend to do well with the beef diet, in particular, while the chomping chicken can be helpful for sensitive stomachs.”

PP: Do you have any easy tips for keeping our furry friends healthy during the holiday season? 
Dr. S: “Yes, keeping your pet healthy year round does not have to be hard. My main suggestion is to not overfeed your pet — stay strong against those puppy dog eyes! It’s okay to treat your pet to a yummy, healthy snack once in a while, but try not to make a regular habit of letting them indulge in too many snacks. Keep your pups active by taking them on longer walks, extra time at the dog park, or letting them join you on a run! Of course, make sure that their healthy habits begin with vitamins, minerals, and great ingredients like what is found in Pet Plate.”