New Year, New Goals with 2020 Vision!

Happy New Year - @emmaobrienphoto

Fur-well 2019, hello 2020! As we head into the new year and a brand new decade, it’s a great time to set healthy goals for ourselves and our pups. The future is bright, especially with 2020 vision! We’ve compiled some goals to help our furry friends live their best lives with healthy eyesight.

An Apple A Day

A delicious and balanced diet keeps eye function strong! We all crave comfort food, especially during the holidays, but fresh, wholesome ingredients can help improve your doggo’s vision. Look for foods with ingredients like broccoli, carrots, and eggs. Pet Plate’s fresh-cooked cuisine makes this possible!

Work It Out

Pair your healthy eating with a consistent routine of exercise — for both you and your doggo. Bundle up and get outside, even on those colder days. A brisk walk around the neighborhood will do you and your pup good and can help keep digestive functions stay in tip-top shape!

Catch Some Zzz’s

Sleep is vital to building a healthy immune system and keeping our pups powerful. With enough physical activity and a well-balanced diet, your pup will be able to get endless nights of great sleep! Sleep can help recharge, rebuild muscles, and rest our eyes after a long, busy day.

Eye Can See Clearly Now

There are steps you can take to ensure your pup enjoys 2020 vision all the time. If you suspect that your doggo has something in its eye or they’re experiencing discomfort, The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation recommends a simple over-the-counter eye solution to flush out any foreign debris. They recommend doing so after any fun trips to a sandy beach or hikes with your pup friends.

By keeping our doggos happy and healthy, we can promote paws-itive lifestyle changes for full bellies, full hearts, and clear eyes. It all starts with a healthy meal at breakfast and dinner — that’s where Pet Plate can help. Our four meal options are perfectly portioned to meet your doggo’s daily caloric needs. 

Spend less time meal prepping and more time looking forward to 2020! Delivered straight to your door, Pet Plate makes it easier than ever to stick to a healthy regime of pre-portioned, delicious, wholesome food for your furry best friends!