Every year, tons of K9s go through at least two months of training to serve our police and armed forces. National K-9 Veterans Day is all about honoring these brave doggos dedicated to paw-tecting all of us hoomans.

Keep reading to learn more about these inspiring and courageous K-9s:

A dog on a lead

RUBY: This sweet girl was suuuper energetic, and had some trouble finding a furever home, sadly being returned to a shelter FIVE times. Luckily, Joseph Warzycha, the Director of Ops at the Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals AND a former police officer saw something special in her. Thinking her energy would make her the paw-fect police pup, he worked with a local trooper to get her into the Rhode Island State Police K9 training program!

A dog with its owner

Isky: Sgt. Wess Brown and military doggo-veteran, Isky, served for years together in Afghanistan completing over 300 missions together before an injury in battle revealed a tumor in Isky’s leg, ultimately saving his life. Sgt. Brown immediately began the paperwork to adopt Isky back in the states and it’s been three years of happily furever after since.

A dog with a soldier

Chips: A true OG. K9 vet, Chips, helped save his fellow soldiers’ lives in the 1940s after his three-and-a-half year stint in the Army. Once known as a true rascal, this German Shepherd-collie-husky mix returned home as hero in 1945. While a Silver Star (the U.S. military’s 3rd highest medal for bravery), the accolades didn’t stop there. Chips was also nominated for the Distinguished Service Cross AND a Purple heart. Sadly, some silly hoomans didn’t think doggos deserved the same medals as hoomans and his Silver Star was taken away until last year when he was awarded the Dickin Medal – the highest honor for wartime bravery by an animal.

A dog with a soldier

Max: #superdoggo Max served with Master-At-Arms Chief Petty Officer Fabian Salazar for years in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, once home, the duo was split up for new assignments, but were reunited three years later with the help of The Veteran K9 Rescue Ranch. Salazar received many combat awards, and selflessly credits them ALL to Max. But don’t worry – Max was also awarded The Combat Meritorious Advancement, with Salazar, in 2012.

A dog with its Pet Parent

Tess: SIX YEARS LATER, US Army Veteran Joe Steenbeke was reunited permanently with his K9 co-pilot Tess. After serving together for years. After a few years apart, while Tess was stationed with the Connecticut National Guard, Joe’s wife – Stephanie was able to finish the arduous process of reuniting the two.