3 Tips to Help Your Dog Live Longer

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Pets are often among the most beloved members of our families. It’s devastating that our fav furry friends, that we sometimes like more than our human relatives (sorry Aunt Carol), have the shortest life span.

It’s not all bad though – here’s a few tips to help increase your pet’s lifespan. Queue more time for cuddles:

WATCH YOUR PUP’S WEIGHT Pudgy pugs look adorable waddling around, but who wants to tell ’em that they’ve got to cut back on how much they’re eating? Pet obesity is one of the biggest health threats to doggos and can have serious impact on their lifespan. Everything you feed your dog should be nutrient dense – want to take it a step further? Ensure they’re getting correct portion sizes and fresh food. Don’t forget, portions are affected by dog breed, size, and weight among other things. Talk to your vet or take our quiz to figure out actually how many calories a day your pup should be eating!

WORK IT (OUT) Step two towards a healthy weight for your fur baby – exercise. Getting active on a regular basis will help keep ’em living longer and better. Regular walks are a great way to start, but have trouble remembering to go out multiple times? Use your smartphone to set an alarm, or let Alexa handle it! Aside from walks, you can head to the dog park, play some fetch in the backyard, or schedule a playdate with their favorite friends.

DON’T FORGET TO SMILE No one likes the dentist – doggo’s included. It’s just as important for them as it is for hoomans, to get regular dental checkups. According to PetMD, roughly 70% of doggos over three have some sort of dental disease which can lead to more than just the ‘obvious’ symptoms like stinky breath and yellowing teeth. Left unchecked, bacteria in your dog’s mouth can effect the heart, kidneys, or liver. We suggest adding a dental check-up to your doggo’s annual vet appointments.


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