Dental Hygiene Tips for your Doggo


As hoomans, we’re used to brushing our teeth twice a day to keep our hygiene it’s very best. But we sometimes forget our dogs need their teeth cleaned too. The food they eat can lead to some really stinky breath. So it’s super important ensure you’re cleaning their teeth too!

Dogs with toothbrushes

Dogs with toothbrushes

Contrary to popular belief, dry dog food doesn’t clean your dog’s teeth as it’s sometimes advertised. Think about it – would cereal keep your teeth clean? In fact, some studies show that dry foods can actually start to cause bad breath from too much build-up on your dog’s teeth. The kibble can’t remove any buildup from the upper gum, so the real way to improve your dog’s dental health is through regular brushing

Here are some tips to make brush-time easier:

1 Start gently with your finger near and around your dog’s mouth, rewarding good behavior with a small treat. Slowly move inside of his/her mouth as they get more comfortable.

2 Once nice & comfy, use a finger brush, small tooth brush, or dental wipe. Try some peanut butter on the brush tip to get them excited about the toothbrush before trying to brush.

3 Gently scrub a small section at a time to get them used to this new feeling, and reward with treats as you make your way through all their teeth.

Don’t worry, it’s hard to get started, but this simple routine will help reduce your doggo’s risk of having dental infections or abscessed teeth later in life.

February is pet dental hygiene month, so why shouldn’t you do everything that you can to make sure that they have healthy teeth and good breath? Even though they are your pet, that doesn’t mean that you cannot treat them like another family member. A simple brushing routine will go a long way to improve their health and reduce vet bills, and there is no reason that your pet cannot have fresh breath just like you do!