Why is my dog eating grass?!


Dogs eating grass

Dogs eating grass

DEAR GRASS FED: The technical term for eating things that aren’t food is Pica. While serious cases of Pica can result from nutritional deficiencies, it’s usually a sign of boredom (especially in puppies). #pupsthesedays

Rest assured, eating grass generally shouldn’t raise any red flags – many vets consider it normal behavior. If your pup is eating grass out of boredom: up playtime, go for longer walks, or grab ’em some new toys – kongs with peanut butter are great for hours of entertainment.

IF your pup starts vomiting after grass eating – call your vet ASAP rocky to make sure your pup didn’t ingest anything treated with chemicals.

Some studies suggest that eating grass may indicate a fiber deficiency, so I’m gonna plug Pet Plate. Ever since my dad invented PetPlate I haven’t eaten any grass. That’s a fact.

xo, Winston (Chief Tasting Officer @ Pet Plate)