Helping Your Pup Maintain a Healthy Weight

Active Dog

Remember that 2020 goal of exercising and eating healthy?! It’s okay if you’ve been slacking — staying fit can be hard! However, it’s incredibly important to help your doggo as much as possible to maintain a healthy weight. Your pup’s ideal weight is based on several factors like their breed, age, and size. Whatever the number, it’s vital for us hoomans to help our pups avoid significant weight gain. An unhealthy weight could lead to frequent trips to the vet, restricted movement, joint pain, and even a shorter life span.

We’re here this week to provide simple, actionable goals towards keeping your dog at a healthy weight, so they can live their happiest, best life. Keeping us hoomans in shape usually requires a gym membership, meal planning, and lots of discipline. It doesn’t have to be so complicated for your furry best friends!

Keep Portions in Check

It can be tempting to overfeed your pup when they look at you with those puppy-dog eyes! However, for all doggos, accurate portioning is very important to maintaining a healthy weight. Pet Plate portions the appropriate amount of food per meal based on your pup’s body condition, activity level, age, weight, and breed. Remember: it’s always smart to consult with your vet regarding your pup’s health before making any changes to their diet. 

Watch the Treats (and under-the-table scraps!)

Every pup is the best boy and girl in town — and they do deserve a treat every once in a while! But, it’s essential to not go overboard, as too many treats can increase weight very easily. Start by swapping out high-calorie treats for fresher options and try to eliminate table scraps. Food treats can be replaced with a favorite toy as a calorie-free option. 

Consider Activity Levels

Introducing more exercise to your pup’s daily routine can be an easy solution to maintaining a healthy weight. If possible, tack on five more minutes to a daily walk or add an additional trip to the dog park each week. Making sure your doggo is moving and getting the appropriate amount of exercise it needs to stay fit is crucial for long-term health.

Get Regular Check-Ups

To ensure your doggo is set up for success, work alongside your vet as a team. They can help you develop realistic goals for your pup and make recommendations specific to their medical history and weight goals. By getting regular check-ups, you and your vet can stay up to date on your furry friend’s health needs. Before you know it, your doggo will be so healthy and fit that worrying about their weight will be a thing of the past!