Name: Brutus

Doggy Deets: 8 year old Brutus is a puppy at heart with all the best qualities of a grown up dog. He has been looking for his home for several months now, and was featured last week on SSD. He's back here again because he is still without any adoption interest. Brutus is described as "phenomenal" around children and he is always up for a fun game of fetch! He loves meeting new people and will woo the socks off every one of your houseguests. He's a really wonderful dog and we don't know why it's so hard to find him some real interest. 🐶🎾👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Ridgebacks and Friends Rescue wrote, "Brutus had been surrendered by his owner who could no longer take care of him. He weighs 95 pounds (but seems bigger). We have had him for a few months without any serious inquiries. Brutus can be left home alone uncrated - he is not at all destructive. He is PHENOMENAL around all people and even kids. He has a prey drive, so no cats or small animals. And we think he would prefer to be an only dog. We brought him to our favorite board and train place for a little socializing. They reported that he is a sweetheart but that he was absolutely clueless how to be a dog with other dogs. In fact, they had to teach him how to properly greet another dog (i.e., sniff their butt and let them sniff him). Brutus has made great progress but could we would recommend continued socializing time. Brutus is located in the Los Angeles area. We require a meet and greet with all household members (human and canine) prior to adoption. We don't typically adopt out of state unless the potential adopter will come meet him in person first. His adoption fee is $150 and Brutus' medical care for allergies will continue to be supported by our 'Soraya's Seniors' fund for the rest of his life." To adopt Brutus, please email them at [email protected] with any questions. (Photo by @rita_earl_blackwell Photography.)


Name: Sergeant

Doggy Deets: Hello, I'm Sergeant. I am a 8 year old German Shepherd. I'm single and ready to mingle. Looking for a master to play fetch with (I love chasing tennis balls), take long walks in the park, or even a car ride through the country. I have no kids "that I know of" and I can no longer have any either. I weigh about 65 lbs and I work out so I can keep my boyish figure. I am not trying to brag or anything but I think I hold the record for carrying the most tennis balls in my mouth at one time. If you think this all sounds nice and you would like to meet me contact the Senior Dog Sanctuary to set up a meet and greet. A little bit about my background, I was found on the streets of DC with a very heavy chain around my neck. It takes me a little to warm up to you but just take it slow and we can become friends.


Name: Almond

Doggy Deets: Age: 2 years, Sex: Female, Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix, Weight: 12 lbs Hi everyone! I’m Almond. I can very affectionate as I’m a one person dog. I live life on my own program and don’t like to share with my people. I can tolerate other dogs and have no problem telling them off if they rub me the wrong way. Despite the fact that I’m a cute furry gal… there’s one thing no one can deny about me, I’m hilarious! The things I do and the way I interact with the world is nothing short of a doggie sitcom. I get very attached to my “person” and can be very protective of them and toys/food I really like.


Name: Daisy

Doggy Deets: We have discovered Daisy is completely deaf. She is a happy, healthy puppy and this should not deter her adopter! She will need a home willing to work with a trainer who understands how to train deaf dogs so that she can reach all her training milestones. We are excited to report her balance has improved significantly and her cerebellar issues are virtually unnoticeable at this point! She is 4 1/2 months old as of 7/20/17 and is one of three Chiweenie pups we took in after a backyard breeder left them in a municipal shelter in NC at age 6 weeks. They had been born with what our neurologist has now diagnosed as cerebellar vestibular dysfunction, a congenital issue secondary to lack of oxygen in utero. While this sounds scary, we are thrilled to share that all three puppies will need normal lives, albeit a bit clumsy with some balance issues and a general incoordination. These pups are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated and ready to go home in NY, NJ, CT and some parts of PA.


Name: Coco and Cici

Doggy Deets: These two have tons of nicknames and each nickname is referring to both of them since you never see one without the other. These two adorable girls were dumped in the neighborhood that we live in. It took us days to catch them, frightened they ran and hid from us. Owners were never found so they joined our rescue family and now are waiting for a forever home of their very own. They are very shy of new people but once you have won their trust they will love you to the moon. We would love to see them be adopted together. 2 is always better than 1 right?! Both have done well in groups of small dogs and have been spayed and fully vaccinated. For more information on CoCo & CiCi send them an email at [email protected]


Name: Lazzie

Doggy Deets: This rescue from Yulin, China, Lazzie is looking for a forever home! Meet this adorable dog, along with all the other rescues we have taken in! Photography by @CharlieNunnPhotography