Name: Bella

Doggy Deets: Bella is 9 years old and quite the cute catch! Nonetheless, she's had zero adoption interest. Bella was surrendered by her former family stating the reason being her age and health issues, however, it is believed there was more to the story. But whatever the true situation was, we know Bella needs a loving home now. She is currently in foster care but urgently looking for a permanent family. This cutie-pie could really use some good luck.

Name: Yowie

Doggy Deets: When outside, Yowie is very much a nose-to-the-ground type of dog. He knows that there are good things out there to smell, and he's on a mission to find all of them! While he loves to get down to sniffing, he is very easy to walk and does not pull on the leash. While indoors, he does enjoy exploring, but he mostly wants to be by your side.

Name: Stella

Doggy Deets: Miss Stella is a been-there-done-that kind of gal. She's got that special senior wisdom that people treasure! She is just looking for some fluffy beds, a nice crate, and a couch to snuggle away her time on. She loves going out on walking adventures and is delighted to meet other dogs on leash. She would be great with other dogs at home and is safe around cats, too. And she does not steal food or beg from other humans, dogs, or cats!