Welcome to the Canine Collective

Where our dogs at?

Come join a community of brand ambassadors who share our mission of strengthening the human-dog bond through better food.

We are...

Dog life-obsessed content creators.
Influential pup community super-connectors.
Nutrition experts and educators.
Knowledgeable trainers.
Pet care industry professionals.
Trailblazing thought leaders within the pet space (to name a few).
If you believe that every connection can spark something amazing, and you love building relationships in your community - especially through quality time with your pup - 
you'll feel right at home in our collective.

Our Dogma

Dogs are one of the most diverse species on Earth...
It's time to treat them like it
We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for people or pups, whether it's how we care for and relate to them or what we feed them.
Could YOU eat the same meal day in and day out?
We're not afraid to
Dogs did it. It's how roving packs of wolves became Chihuahuas and Great Danes. We're forever striving to know more and do better so we can fulfill our ultimate mission…
to help pups and their people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.
Dogs deserve
a seat at the table
They've been telling us for years what they want and need. And it's human-grade food, made with the same quality and care as what we'd feed ourselves.
PetPlate - and our ambassadors - are here to listen!

Ambassador Benefits

Get paid $50 commission on each new client referral (unlimited earning potential!)

Offer customer referrals a generous discount on new PetPlate subscriptions

Receive monthly discounts on your personal PetPlate orders for your pup(s)

Align with an evolutionary brand and connect with a community of thought leaders changing what it means to nurture the human-dog bond

If you actively create content on social media or blogs and have a large, highly engaged audience, or provide professional services for dogs (ie. looking at you full-time trainers, walkers and groomers), or are an active brand ambassador in the pet space - we invite you to apply.
Bark at us at
if you have any questions

How it Works

  • Join Our Collective

    Connect with a community of obsessed pet parents who speak their dogs language, and actually listen to what they want and need.

  • Spread the Word

    A unique code and link will let you spread the love to other dog parents, by giving them a generous discount on their first two boxes.

  • Earn a Commission

    For each new customer referral, you'll receive commission (unlimited earnings potential), which will be paid out monthly.

Dogs live in the moment, meaning there's no time like the present.
So what are you waiting for?