Our Story

As a consultant in the pet food space, I saw firsthand the inferior ingredients and substandard cooking processes used to make kibble and other mass-market pet food. I was horrified with what I saw and decided there had to be a better way to feed our dogs. So I went to work in my own kitchen to find a healthy solution for my dog Winston. Before I knew it, I had a pet food business on my hands!

Next, I moved into a commercial kitchen space - where lots of new food companies are born - and consulted with Dr. Streeter on formulating the meals for optimal nutrition. I learned a lot in those days about cooking, nutrition, and dogs in general. As more and more pups signed up for PetPlate, I grew out of the commercial kitchen into a professional cooking facility where human food is made! That’s right, our food is good enough to be made in a human-food facility. We are now able to ship our meals to pups all over the country.

The best part is hearing from pet parents about what a difference PetPlate has made in their lives and the lives of their dogs. Our food is enjoyed by all kinds of dogs, including dogs with ailments who normally have trouble eating, picky dogs who refuse to eat kibble, and dogs who will eat just about anything!

- Renaldo Webb & Winston - Founders of PetPlate

A Word From Our Vet

"I am proud to be part of the PetPlate team. The recipes I've formulated for PetPlate are nutritionally balanced and highly palatable to dogs. I've found that most dogs respond really well to a fresh diet comprised of high quality ingredients and vitamins & minerals. I hope your dog enjoys PetPlate and experiences the benefits of a truly healthy diet.

If you have any questions about our recipes or ingredients, please reach out to us at [email protected]."

- Dr. Renee Streeter, DVM, DACVN, Veterinary Nutritionist

Tips for Healthy Living

1 Watch out for mystery ingredients
Make sure you feel comfortable with the ingredients in your dog's food.
2 Don't overfeed your pet
Avoid grazing and overindulging your dog with too many snacks.
3 Eat well and stay active

Feed your dog nutrient-dense foods that provide lots of energy.